A modern place and a safe space for you to feel a mental and physical uplift through our great variety of massage treatment options. This space was carefully designed to be a wellness & relaxing environment. We’ve created a beautifully balanced atmosphere that results from the minimal aesthetics of the space and the warm welcome of our people.

Soul and Body
aligned in complete harmony.

Based on years of experience in the field of wellness, we founded Hando Massage to offer a rejuvenating destination to each of you, who is looking for an environment of absolute tranquility and relaxation.




Massage Options


Wellness Space

21 Types of Massage & Body Care


The high quality of our services comes literally from the hands of our therapists. The masseurs and physiotherapists of our Hando team combine knowledge, experience, & courtesy. We assure you that they are constantly evolving by attending seminars and massage training programs.

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